Speakers of the 5G briefing 2021 in Frankfurt. This area is going to be updated soon.

Bernhard Niemann

Head of Broadband and Broadcast Department
Fraunhofer IIS

Bernhard Niemann (Dipl.-Phys.) has been with Fraunhofer IIS since 2000. In 2014, he was promoted to head of the Broadband and Broadcast Department focussing on mobile and industrial communications (5G & 6G), AI applications in communication systems and neuromorphic hardware.

Under his guidance, Fraunhofer IIS has established itself as a veritable player in the 5G world. Through Mr. Niemann and his team’s expertise in mobile communications, they have successfully navigated and shaped the 5G standardization process in the past years.

This is underscored by several large-scale projects such as the »5G Bavaria« initiative which aims to close the gap between standardization and market availability for industrial partners through test beds and a test center.

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