New Wireless Spectrum Requirements for 5G

Small Cell Networks and the Evolution of 5G

IPv6, IoT and 5G – Next Generation Technology

The 5G Core Network

Fiber, WiFi and 5G

Role for 5G in connected vehicles

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Get answers about your questions

  • What are the requirements that need to be met for 5G development?
  • What are key components of 5G technologies?
  • How will 5G impact network design?
  • How will 5G be positioned in real-world business environments?
  • What are the expectations of key vertical industries that 5G must meet?
  • What are the uncertainties and challenges of 5G development?
  • When will be the 5G market reality?
  • Which use cases with 5G are the most promising?

5g smallThat’s what the 5G Briefing is all about. It’s a unique event, designed to facilitate the discussion of use cases and to present current best practice across key topics that are driving our industry.

The conference features one day of presentations and panel sessions, representing the cutting edge Next Generation Mobile Communications and a pre-conference workshop to provide an understanding of what the future of mobile networks will look like and discuss the 5G mobile network - the economic need and technical need for 5G and the various technologies that will support 5G mobile networks.

The 5G Business environment

5G is expected to radically transform the communications industry and reshape peoples’ daily lives and business operations. Expectations are high, as 5G offers mobile operators new revenue opportunities. The worldwide success of previous technology generations put mobile broadband into reach of the masses with ever-rising expectations for higher data speed, quality of experience, new applications and services. It has also grabbed the attention of small and large businesses, most of which have, or plan to incorporate, mobile voice and high speed data connectivity in their operations and business models. With 4G/LTE established as the world’s fastest growing and leading cellular technology - with continuously evolving capabilities, how will 5G differentiate itself, how and when will it deliver its promise of superior performance and capabilities, richer features, and greater efficiencies to enhance existing services and open new markets? Who will be the 5G industry leaders and why?

5G Deployment

The infrastructure supplier’s perspective

Operators constantly need to invest in their networks and services to meet existing and evolving customer expectations, while planning for future capacity requirements and services evolution. The road to 5G adoption is complicated and is still evolving. The scale and timing of new investments, in addition to internal pressures for maximizing the value of existing assets – including sites and spectrum, will be critical to business success. Which market segments look the most promising for 5G and how can they be addressed? More spectrum will be needed to fully realize the market potential with 5G. When will new spectrum be needed, in which bands, and when? How are regulators creating the environment for success of 5G? How is the device ecosystem for 5G systems expected to develop? What advice can infrastructure suppliers give to ensure the optimum path that operators should take to introduce 5G?

5G Vertical Markets

5G is the next generation of technology and will deliver major performance gains, many new features and capabilities which will enhance many of today’s services and enable new business opportunities. 5G’s inherent ultra-low latency performance will open up the possibility to address markets which demand “real-time” connectivity and communications, including for industrial automation, the transport sector including driverless vehicles systems, utility company operations smart cities /urban management systems and other critical communications needs. Which are the most promising vertical markets for initial 5G deployments and what are their key requirements? Which strategies are best to address the vertical segments and how should operators transform and evolve to create the new business partnerships?

5G performance expectations

4G LTE ushered in the era of mobile internet which 5G builds on. 5G will be a new kind of platform that will not only deliver superior performance to enhance mobile broadband services but will also expand network capabilities to support new device types and services and connect new industries, especially those sectors requiring “real time” ultra-low latency. Expectations are high for 5G success with three broad use case types – Enhanced mobile broadband (introducing immersive experiences including AR and VR to a wider audience), mission critical communications (for emergency services, health sector, medical procedures, etc.), and the Massive Internet of Things (IoT). 5G will be very fast (peak data rates up to 20 Gbps), but it’s not only about speed. 5G will mean more capacity with access to new spectrum, including into millimeter wave bands. Which are the “pioneer” bands for 5G and the regulatory status in the various regions? Which are the key differentiating technologies with 5G and when will they be introduced? How long will 5G need to fully establish in the market?

Post conference report

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2018 Istanbul post-conference report.

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Speakers from previous conference

  • Anand Prasad

    Anand Prasad

    Anand R. Prasad, Chairman 3GPP SA3, NEC Corporation
  • Savas Arıkan

    Savas Arıkan

    Head of Networks, Ericsson Turkey & Iran
  • Manfred Schmitz

    Manfred Schmitz

    Managing Partner at Detecon Consulting
  • Erol Hepsaydir

    Erol Hepsaydir

    Head of RAN and Device Strategy and Architecture, Three UK
  • Hassan Claussen

    Hassan Claussen

    Managing Director, HanseCom Media
  • Maziar Nekovee

    Maziar Nekovee

    Professor, University of Sussex
  • Anand Uppili

    Anand Uppili

    Founder, Tambora Systems
  • Afsin Buyukbas

    Afsin Buyukbas

    Head of Spectrum Management Dept. ICT
  • Guy Redmill

    Guy Redmill

    MD, Redmillcommunications Ltd.
  • Gulay Yardim

    Gulay Yardim

    Head of Radio Network and 5G R&D Units, Turkcell
  • Uwe Loewenstein

    Uwe Loewenstein

    Manager Spectrum Technology, Telefonica Europe
  • Georg Mayer

    Georg Mayer

    Chairman 3GPP CT
  • Giovanni Romano

    Giovanni Romano

    Coordinator for radio standards, Telecom Italia
  • Sadiq Malik

    Sadiq Malik

    Principal Consultant at Broadband Gurus Network
  • Murat Öztürk

    Murat Öztürk

    Network Architecture & Technology Senior Manager at Vodafone Turkey
  • Alan Hadden

    Alan Hadden


    Delegates from previous conferences


    Day 1 May 8 - Workshop
    08.00 Registration and exhibition opens
    09.00 Chair’s Welcome & Introduction:
    A new Digital Ambition: The Critical role of 5G
    09.15 5G Keynote: Why are we all excited
    • 5G as an enabler of new industries
    • 5G as an enabler of immersive experiences
    • 5G and GDP growth / new job creation
    • The Telco transformational challenge : Technology, People

    Interactive QA Session

    10.15 Coffee & Speed Networking
    10.45 5G: Technology Building Blocks
    • 3GPP Roadmap: From LTE to 5 G
    • MM Wave, Virtualisation, Small cells, Slicing, MIMO
    • Backhaul and Spectrum requirements
    • Making Optimal use of spectrum and network assets
    11.30 5G: The business of its applications
    • Consumer Apps: Enhanced MBB, VR
    • Industrial Apps: IoT, Robotic manufacturing, Public safety
    • GDP Apps: Connected cities, Autonomous cars
    • Connected Verticals: Healthcare, Media and Entertainment
    12.15 Interactive QA Session
    12.30 5G: A review of Tier 1 Global Operators
    • The Americans: full steam ahead with Verizon
    • Japan / S Korea: way ahead with Olympic trials
    • Europe: trying to catch up. Germany and Nordics lead
    • Rest of the World: Dragon economies get ready
    13.15 Private Lunch and Networking
    14.15 5G: Making the business case
    • Identifying the key business segments
    • Technology parameters: capacity, coverage, throughput
    • Performance and cost benefits of different 4/5 G technical solutions
    • Exploring new business models: Network as a Service, Ecosystems
    15.00 Interactive QA session
    15.15 Coffee and Speed Networking Session
    15.45 5G: Key preparations
    • Regulator and Govt enabling initiatives
    • Operator strategies: connectivity, services, content enablement
    • Network rollout based on use case and business goals
    • Avoiding the data business pitfalls and understanding value of partnerships
    16.30 5G: Industry Standards: who’s who
    • 3GPP fastracks the standards
    • Vendors develop IPP
    • Operators accelerate testing
    • Enterprises and Consumers follow with fascination
    17.15 Closing Remarks and End of 5G Forum

    Why you should attend this unique Forum ? In one day participants will

    • Understand the technical architecture, business models and societal impacts of 5G technology.
    • Operators will know how to leverage technology building blocks for fast rollout in profitable business segments.
    • Financial people will understand the essentials of the 5G business case modelling and Regulators will appreciate the impact of 5G on the digital economy.
    • Manufacturing managers will learn about how 5G Robotics will change industry as will Doctors realise their dream of virtual Tele surgery.
    • Software developers will be given fresh hope about new applications and content that will drive the space age economy.
    • And participants will be give an opportunity to contribute their perspectives on how 5G will transform lives in Europe.
    Day 2 May 9 - Conference
    08.15 – 08.45 Registration Desk & Welcome coffee
    08.45 – 08.55 Welcome Message 5G Briefing
    Hassan M. Claussen, CEO, HanseCom Media & Communication
    08.55 – 09.15 Opening 5G Briefing
    Alan Hadden, Chairman, 5G Briefing
    09.15 – 09.40 5G Drivers and Challenges
    Manfred Schmitz, Detecon
    Session 1: The 5G Business environment
    09.40 – 10.10 Keynote Slicing the edge
    Oguz Oktay, Netsia
    10.10 – 10.35 5G Spectrum in Turkey
    Afsin Buyukbas, BTK
    10.35 – 11.05 Networking Break
    11.05 – 11.30 Turkcell’s viewpoint on 5G as Digital Operator
    Gulay Yardim, Head of Radio Network and 5G R&D Units, Turkcell
    Session 2: 5G Deployment, the infrastructure supplier’s perspective
    11.30 – 12.00 Belling the 5G cat
    Anand Uppili, Tambora Systems
    12.00 – 12.30 Getting ready for 5G by evolution of 4.5G
    Murat Öztürk, Network Architecture & Technology Senior Manager, Vodafone Turkey
    12.30 – 13.00 Panel Session: From 4G to 5G
    How and when will 5G services launch and markets develop together with 4G/LTE / LTE Advanced Pro systems
    13.00 – 14.00 Lunch Break
    Session 3: 5G performance expectations and vertical markets
    14.00 – 14.20 An Update on Frequencies for 5G - the work towards ITU-R WRC-19
    Uwe Loewenstein, Telefonica
    14.20 – 14.40 TIM 5G initiatives in Bari/Matera, Torino and San Marino, describing the plans for commercial launch of 5G in the above locations
    Giovanni Romano, Telecom Italia
    14.40 – 15.00 Migrating to 5G (Where is mobile industry today, 5G Benefits, Verticals in 5G eco-system, 5G Migration)
    Erol Hepsaydir
    , Three UK
    15.00 – 15.30 Networking Break
    15.30 – 15.50 5G for Automotive
    Maziar Nekovee, Professor of 5G Mobile Technologies, Head of Department of Engineering & Design, University of Sussex
    15.50 – 16.10 5G Infrastructure Work in 3GPP
    Georg Mayer, 3GPP
    16.10 – 16.30 Securing 5G from Technology to Business
    Anand Prasad, Chairman of the 3GPP TSG SA Working Group 3
    16.30 – 17.00 Panel Session: 5G Performance Expectations
    What are realistic expectations for ultra-reliable and low-latency communications with 5G systems

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