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As of August 2021, 176 5G networks were offering commercial services globally. 63 of these have launched FWA or home broadband services. Of course, most of these operators have launched on NSA, but SA is coming soon. 13 SA networks are now live, with a further 45 coming soon 1.

It’s safe to say that 5G is well and truly here. Now, the hard work begins. Sure, consumer 5G has taken off (check the latest Ericsson mobility report for the data), but 5G SA brings more service possibilities and will unlock the true potential of the fifth generation of mobile.

That’s why we need to take stock. What can we learn from these early deployments? How will the coming wave of SA networks boost B2B markets? And, what about the wild card of private 5G networks? What impact will that have on the ecosystem?

At 5G Briefing 2022, we’ll find out. We’ll bring together the ecosystem and community to understand the successes, learn key lessons from field and chart the way ahead.

5G Briefing has always been unique. We don’t just focus on the traditional mobile ecosystem – we reach beyond that to bring together new players, stakeholders and more, so you can really learn what’s happening – and how it might deliver opportunities for your business.

1 Source: Hadden Telecoms

  • 5G – status update. What’s been achieved and what can we expect next?

  • Delivering wireless broadband as a true alternative to fibre

  • The standards perspective: where are we going?

  • How are verticals using 5G?

  • What’s happening at the Edge? Why are cloud-scalers now key?
  • Private networks – who’s taking the lead?

Join us and we’ll help you to answer key questions, such as:

  • What can we do with 5G SA?
  • What new ecosystems have formed?
  • How is industry adopting 5G?
  • What consumer services are driving adoption?
  • Why are we already starting to hear about 6G?
  • How will vertical needs influence 5G performance?
  • What KPIs will matter for industry?
  • How is the vendor community meeting the Open-RAN challenge?
  • Can we diversify supply chains?
  • What’s 5G going to do for me?

5G Market

5G is here. What now? To meet expectations, 5G has to go beyond the simple potential of enhanced Mobile Broadband and generate genuinely new services that can delight consumers. Otherwise, it’s simply faster and better. How will we engage retail customers?

A new world of gaming and content delivery is taking shape. The mobile is set to become the dominant games console, bringing immersive experiences to billions. Will this generate the revenues MNOs expect – or will games providers take the lion’s share? How will MNOs secure the returns they need to satisfy their shareholders.

We’ll explore consumer strategies and report on success stories, so you can understand how the 5G bet will pay off.

5G Ecosystem

The traditional mobile economy was linear. Now, as many will know, it’s a complicated web of stakeholders, each of which is targeting enhanced service performance. Because of the decentralised nature of 5G networks, tech is shifting into new domains – outside operator network boundaries.

How will this develop? How can MNOs ensure relevance even while private networks are taking off? What can they do to extend services beyond their boundaries into new domains? What new commercial models are needed to enable monetisation and to provide the necessary ROI?

We’ll hear from different actors and understand the impact of these profound changes.

5G: what’s next?

5G may be here but standards keep evolving. R17 is due in 2022, bringing an extended vertical focus, while the R18 package should be agreed by the end of 2021. R17 brings convergence between fixed and mobile networks – meaning that there’s one core network for all.

In addition, there’s a host of features for QoS control, RAN slicing, drones and much more. It’s a complex package, designed to meet the needs of the growing mobile community. And, much-needed 5G roaming is coming soon – much faster than VoLTE. All of this means there’s a sea of change coming and we’re just seeing the tip of the 5G iceberg.

Discover how these enhancements will influence 5G services and opportunities.

5G coverage

As everyone knows, 5G demands a significantly higher number of cells to deliver the required performance. Even as network boundaries shift, there’s a race on to rollout coverage. In many places, this hits the buffer of planning: 5G needs to use existing civil infrastructure in novel ways to have any chance of reaching coverage targets.

Street lights, bus shelters, post boxes, drains, canals and more are now integral to delivering national 5G coverage – and public authorities are driving initiatives to lower planning barriers so cell sites can be built out at the rate required.

How are different agencies collaborating to ensure 5G coverage is delivered ubiquitously and fairly, so all needs can be met?


The 5G Briefing event was stimulating, informative and had a great community feel about it. This was proven by the openness of the presenters and their willingness to share information and genuine opinions.

This was one of the best 5G events I have recently attended as it provided real and valuable industry discussions and learnings.

Bravo to the organisers.

Stephen Douglas, Spirent (5G Briefing, Frankfurt March 2019)

Insightful, interesting and valuable.

John Hallett, Rohde and Schwarz (5G Briefing, Frankfurt March 2019)

Many good ideas and inspiring thoughts.

Svend Lauszus, Danish Ministry of Defense (5G Briefing, Frankfurt March 2019)

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